sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010


Channelized by Helena da Fonseca
Portugal, August 3rd, 2010
At 11:43 PM

My beloved earth people,

Is with great honor that I return to connect with this channel, because there is a long time ago she had the license to have a time for “resting” in order to enjoy about her self ascension and physical and mental rest.

Now, returning to contact with her, what I thank her for now, I come through one more way, to ask your attention.

That everybody is it the “ultimate”, I guess there are no doubts any more, for those which are already awake.

We are helping everyone which connect with our services, in the most sublime way it is allowed to us. I say sublime because we can not interfere in the free will, even of those that have great missions here in Earth. This accompaniment, which is sublime and much fine, has to be with raising and clearing of ends of karma in the life of the workers in Earth.

Because of it, many of them have experienced, in these last weeks, times more “difficult and painful” than usual. For sure, you have made the question may times: “But why, instead of getting free, I feel more and more with the height of events of what I can not be free?”

So it is exactly because of this that “everything appeared at once!” And us as we are always with unconditional love, we have to be present, in the help, without interfere in the choices, so, my vocabulary has been of “sublime and fine”.

You have nothing to fear, only to thank for be free of everything that rests to you!

Only this, and this is also to this channel which has had her “weights” very accented at this time. For sure many people will be surprised because there have not been messages for almost no one astral being, but the reason is exactly this. During the resting time she needed, this was told by the karmic counsel to everyone.

Despite everything is in the “end”, we have to emphasize that many of you have been brave and others, as do not understand all the present situation in the private lives, make things that disturb even more and for do not take the more correct attitudes for themselves, but against this we can do anything, so as you understand, we really need to keep ourselves only to help you in the heavier burdens of the moment and do not interfere in your choices.

It is up to me, Ashtar, to appeal once more to humanity to give hands to those which are still with closed eyes, so everything they will easily get, making them awake.

And if you do it making them receive a message?

Who knows if some human, continuing with his life in disharmony, can be oriented to participate in an happening, event or teachings and where, in time, can be touched by us and occur the “awake” that for so much time claims for victory?

So, my beloved humans which I love so much, send everyone for the ascension, give the example of what you are and in what you changes, as soon as you put in practice some teachings, or still the change of your knowledge which you acquired without thirds help?

Only say: “everything that happened in my life, was only because I grew up, evolved and learned that this was the way. Try is you also”.

Explain that, even with the happenings and changes in their lives can not happen at the same time, they will happen for sure and faster than before”

My call was only for that you do not rest in releasing everything that is help for human ascension. Make groups for meditation with the help of those which can be more experienced, discuss messages and readings, but please, do not stay quiet!

It is not in resting time, but it is time to ride for your earth paradise and to learn quickly what is to be real incarnate Gods.

As there are millions of messages channelized for many sources, all say the same and all go forward the same objective. Ascension, ascension, ascension. Only this!

So, my beloved, do not have doubts that this is really the hour!

So, define what you want for you inside your heart and put in practice everything that comes from it!

Hei! Just one more little thing!!!!

Do not forget to eliminate your mind ghosts, because the ascension starts here, get free from them!

* (Helena’s note: This is the objective of the 1st level of the Ascension School)

My beloved, once more I thank for the time spent with the reading of this mine communication and I thank as all other intergalatic beings the help they will give to humanity, this is, among you, but without forgetting that you are always in the first place.

To all, my thanks and I will be back soon, because is urgent the time do give more teachings, which in the past were given in Atlantida, now, with this channel ready, I and more will be present more times.

Until ever and a Well-being foi all who are in the unit already!

I AM Ashtar to the Fraternal Service.


Channelized by Helena da Fonseca
August, 8th, 2010
At 01.01 AM Porto, Portugal

Lovers Earth People

Manythings are said about the Earth ascension, climate changes and currents against the Earth rotation which will happen soon.

Events which were forecast millions and millions of years ago, by the primitive people.

You humans, gotten to this mercy point, of self forgiveness, you are in the apex of human transmutation

The New Era marks a return to Father, in all senses and this has brought to your mind only what you call of “disgraces”.

Nothing can be treated as disgrace or natural event,
Because everything has one origin of the will.

Nothing happens here, or in any other dimension, without the Father’s will. And the actual events, are nothing else than a Father’s gift, for your merit, by all the effort done until today.

You all are being called, helped to be waked up in great mass but, even though, there are those who do nont want, who refuse to open their hearts and think that all of this is only crazy thoughts.

I, as the main administrator of this Earth, would like to send you a hope message for those who believe in ME.

Nothing of what is being commented among you, will happen.

It will happen, Yes, for those which did not hear, which did not wanted to see and closed themselves in their Egos, thinking that they were governed by their own.

In this truth there is a thuth. They govern themselves, but only themselves, not the events, so they have their free will.

This makes us remember some events which many have done in Earth with their free will and that, in some moment of their lives, wanted to change their routes and so they made the choice that was better form them.

The Skies are marked by other enormous skies. This means, there exists one universe, but there are so many paralels universes with other dimensions much bigger than those you know.

It is not of human knowledge, and it will never can be, so they are not largely nor enough evolved, to realize this reality.

Inside your universe, your galaxies, there are others which are energetically connected to this one but they are much more evolved and from them everything is formed, connected and managed.

I did create everything, created, everything by My appearance, but only where I wished!

A little weird affirmation, isn’t it?

So, what I want to say, is that there was and there still are dimensions where I wanted to make inferiority and Power experiences, in each second of your time, to improve more and more those beings.

However, I can affirm to you that nevertheless there are less evolved and less perfect beings than you humans, they will go ahead of you in terms of evolution, so they were tested with still more rigorous proofs you did, so the evolution was faster than yours.
My experience, I Just wanted to see until what point the proofs can develop the center of each one`s cells, more or less fast.

I made experiences with financial situation, as it is the case of the Earth Planet, others, were in the body`s shape, which is much more imperfect, in order to see until what point there would be interest in evolving in their bodies perfection and turn them next to My appearance and purpose.

To My appearance, all of them are, because all of them have the Perfection, but what I want to say is that the vehicle in which each one is carried, is much different in each one of the planets, until they become only bodies in light or vibration.

The objective is to become only vibration and be completely perfects and, while you do not understand this, you will have still more and more experiences to be taken by you, that can even be in other planets and in other dimensions, but the universes, where I say where really exists the perfect perfection, is in one universe which no one knows nor no one has heard to say, and really will not hear to say so soon.

The universe I intend for all the people of all universes is exactly this one where I AM.

One perfect universe without no needs, with supreme intelligence, plenty peace and permanent unconditional love without need to change for other dimension, or having to take other vehicle to carry your soul or Spirit.

I do not know the shock some of you can have by reading this message, but my objective, as the Creator, is only to tell you that even Ascended, evolving, becoming much “better”, will be still little near what you have to experiment out of this dimension.

The 12th dimension will be the supremacy which you will be able to experience and because of this, make the efforts you can, to raise your wisdom and (can still evolve jumping some stages) and will not need to experience some dimensions.

Ascended Masters and Archangels are part of this dimension, but in the plan of which I tell you, there is not need of even this kind of such evolved being, because everything is what it is and nothing more!

My beloved, in this time that claims for your change and fast learnig, pay attention to this declaration and fix in your heart that I want you here in this universe and I would be happy IF you could come directly to this without having to experience others before be able to join Me.

In this plenty of light night, of changing, which is the 8th of the 8, I receive you in my heart and wait for you the faster possible in this universe that is Mine!

I that always created you, loved you and sent beings equal to Me incarnated specially to bring My word of “love each other as I loved you”, I protect you and give you my voice and bless.
I wish that this so special night, the humanity’s night, be your real redention, or at least, one more.

My beloved sons, I love you,

I Am What I AM